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For: Primary (Maths)

What: Games - mathematics times tables

Maths Chase is a completely free site where you can quickly test your times tables. The site is a very simple game but I think kids will find it a really fun way to learn their times tables.

For: Primary and Secondary (All subjects)

What: Whiteboard Resources, Presentations, Activities, Work sheets and Games

To find the resources, click whiteboard resources at the top search bar then click your subject and key stage and go from there! The site also offers some educational games for primary students.

For: Primary (All subjects)

What: Whiteboard Resources, Presentations, Activities, Flash Cards, Work Sheets, Lesson plans and target templates

This is by far one of our favourite websites. This site offers a tremendous amount of free resources ready to download straight to your computer. Already popular amongst some of our supply teachers, this website offers resources for almost all topics and subjects on the primary curriculum.

For: Primary Maths

What: Mathematics Games

Looking for some maths games to play with your students? This site offers some fantastic free mathematics games for primary students with a focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, sequences, number bonds, Venn diagrams and time.

For: Secondary – key stage 3, 4 and 5

What: Maths, English, Science, Geography, History and Languages Whiteboard Resources, Presentations, Activities and Lessons Plans

Offering a tremendous amount of resources covering most topics across the curriculum this site is not to be missed. You do have to register an account on the website in order to download the free resources but it is free to do so, PDF documents are free to download but you can pay for different formats. To change the subject click on the ‘other subject’s’ box in the top left hand corner of the page.

For: Primary Science

What: Science Whiteboard Resources and Activities

Sworn by Primary teachers as one of their favourite and most used resource sites, this site offers 5 step activities for a range of different Science topics, including light, electricity, animals, plants, space and rocks – to name a few! Most topics come with either a video or picture exercise for your class.®ion=uk

For: Secondary Science – Key stage 3, 4 and 5

What: Science Teaching Packs, Posters, Presentations, Lesson Plans, Activities

Gathered by the Oxford University Press, these resources are detailed and of great standard. The teaching packs could be a life saver!

For: Primary and Secondary – All subjects all key stages

What: Learner/Curriculum guides, Revision notes and Online Tests

How could we do a blog on the best free resource websites and not include BBC Bitesize? With segregated topics, key stages and exam boards, BBC Bitesize will tailor the information it gives you depending on the exam board you are using to give you the best suited information, tasks and tests.

For: Primary and Secondary – All Subjects and Key Stages

What: Lesson Plans, Lesson plan and target templates, Teaching Packs and Presentations

Strictly, this isn’t a free website. There are an incredible amount of fantastic resources for those willing to pay, however it is always worth having a look at the limited but free resources offered, such as the templates and some free teaching resources.